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I received my PhD from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where I was first introduced to students' diverse backgrounds and diverse needs in the classroom. I've lived and learned in the States for more than 20 years, teaching, researching, and enjoying life in Flagstaff, a mountain town in Arizona. I enjoy the many opportunities for interacting with diverse communities and exploring the natural beauty of this country. My professional and personal journeys take me to many places, and I have learned to appreciate the diversity in cultures, foods, histories, and politics when I teach and when I travel.

Public Writing for a Public Audience

Why should we be interested in blogging? Isn’t it just a fad? Isn’t blogging mostly for fun, for letting us know about the best pasta recipes from Ree Drumond, the Pioneer Woman, or making your own furniture, just like Ana White teaches us on her blog? Isn’t it best to use blogs to show off our travels, similar to Pam from Nerd’s Eye View?

But wait! Didn’t these bloggers have to work very hard and do a lot of research to make their blogs successful? It isn’t just a fad, is it now? Continue reading Public Writing for a Public Audience