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Being Global, but Local

How can a piece of written text promote community, and yet, apply itself globally? By all accounts, globalization and community seem like a poor coupling; how can we think globally and still apply local, community based ideals? Almost a year ago, I was faced with this same question. Prior to graduating with my undergraduate degree, I was given the opportunity to take a “World Englishes” course at Northern Arizona University. The course looked to primarily focus on how English is being used around the world, but specifically looked at how English is applied in different geographic and culture associated continuums. I soon learned that the class based on the role of English in other countries wasn’t only filled by American students looking to teach English internationally, as I had initially supposed. Rather, my class was filled with Chinese exchange students and other pupils from around the world. My predictions were largely incorrect — I had assumed that a class based on the globalization of English would be filled with students from my own background. Then, in a sort of paradox, I quickly understood that communication is necessary around the world. In essence, communication is a universal concept that authors and communities are constantly looking to address. Continue reading Being Global, but Local


Using Social Media at REI

Just about once a year, it seems like a new social media platform comes out of nowhere. This past year brought teenagers and young adults Pinterest and Snapchat; their one common goal is to bring users together share interests and communicate. One thing is for sure: these social media platforms are working well and succeeding within our modern society. Now anyone with a smartphone or access to a computer can be part of a community. People around the world can now feel as relevant as ever. A man on the east coast of the United States can like someone’s picture on the other side of the country, even if they have never met! This last week, my friend added five followers to their Instagram account, just for adding a popular tag to their photo. When he saw the notifications on their phone, he chuckled and added, “I have know idea who these people are!” Well, friend, they are your community. Continue reading Using Social Media at REI

Genre and the Creative Writer

I think a lot of people in this world wouldn’t dare call themselves an artist. Do you consider yourself an artist? Someone that creates something from nothing? To even get into the definition of an artist would require an entire blog or lifetime worth of study. However, I’m certain that this community of writers we have created is devoted to writing in any capacity, simply because it is what they love to do. This little community has brought together educators, editors, and writers from many different backgrounds. Consequently, all of these styles have created a sort of melting pot of writers that have each come from a unique style and genre. Continue reading Genre and the Creative Writer

Understanding Patagonia


All I’ve wanted to do this week is go surfing. Sitting on my board, water pooling in my lap, and the sun beating off my wetsuit — then, when you’re ready, get those arms moving and hop on a wave.  It is one of the most serene things in the world.

Which is why reading about Patagonia and Ivon Chouinard has been such a tease. Imagine, a career that allows you to surf and work when you want. Then,  after crashing the waves with your co-workers, you get to head back to the office and casually talk about the next blog concerning the over-construction of dams that will be published the following weekend.  Welcome to Patagonia.  Inside the clothing and outdoor gear company is an entire community of passionate, outdoor enthusiasts looking to better, not only their products, but the environment that stirred their beliefs when they were young. Together, the people at Patagonia have created an admirable company built on rock-solid ethics. Continue reading Understanding Patagonia

REI and Written Marketing


Since the beginning of the year, I have been the envy of every rock climber, hiker, and outdoor enthusiast: I work for REI and get to work/play every single day. Over the years, REI has quickly become an American icon for the outdoor industry. Although a majority of people can recall their own personal store that they have come to know over the years, I still have customers chuckle on a regular basis when I ask them if they are a member. Most customers usually respond with, “Of course I am! Way before you were born!” Honestly though I’m not surprised. These grizzled, alpine heroes look like they’ve been to Everest and back. Continue reading REI and Written Marketing