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Constructing a Discourse Community

James Gee says “how we speak or write create [the context in which we are communicating]” (p. 11). This is important when writing about Magic: the Gathering because for the most part the Magic community is very insular. The Magic Community naturally gathers around plays that encourage them to play, this might be a group of friends you meet in middle or high school, or people at the local game or comic shop that help support the casual and tournament players. One could do a search on the internet and find a wide network of people who share passion for the game. But the words take on different meanings to a player; this shared discourse helps to create the community. I would like to see the community grow and this insular language means that this can be hard to do. Continue reading Constructing a Discourse Community

A Game of Conversation

If I really want to come from an area that I am a specialist I am going to have to come out of the nerd closet, and talk about a subject that I do not really share with the exception of my closest friends because it is hard to explain to people who do not already know what it is. For this blog I am planning on talking about a card game, Magic: the Gathering. I played the game in middle and high school, took a ten year break, and was able to come back. Unfortunately this break, among other things, means that I am still very much an amateur player. While this was supposed to be a summary of an interview, I am out of touch with all of the professional community and was not able to set up an interview with another amateur writer, so I will be summarizing other interviews along with my first hand experience to help fill out this blog.

There are a wide variety of articles and blogs regarding Magic, ranging from explaining the basics of the game to beginners, strategic articles that breakdown the strength and weaknesses of a deck and teach you how to play, to simple deck lists and tournament reviews. Continue reading A Game of Conversation