Writing in Professional Communities is the theme for the Fall 2014 Rhetoric and Writing graduate class (English 503) at Northern Arizona University. Students work on blog entries during their 7-week intensive course, reading and writing for a community of readers interested in issues of professional writing, especially in educational and non-profit organizations.

As practicing members of professional communities, the bloggers on Writing in Professional Communities will explore various approaches to how specific professional communities–especially educational and non-profit organizations–use written communication, and they will explore their roles and responsibilities for successful communication in different organizations. They will also analyze professional cultures, social contexts, genres, new media, and audiences to determine how they shape the various purposes and forms of writing, especially for educational, non-profit, and volunteer organizations.

Participants are encouraged to use their blog posts for professional purposes, highlighting their experiences as writers who can adjust their work to public and professional audiences.

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Public Writing for Professional Purposes

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