Writing to Get to College: The AVID Way

At the end 2013-2014 school year, six-hundred eighty-five Mesa High seniors donned their caps and gowns and walked across a stage.  Each student embraced their high school diploma with perfect posture and a smile that stretched from ear to ear.  With the announcing of each name, scores of friends and family scream and cheer, waving signs and on occasion using air-horns.  For some students, graduation marks the end of their educational journey.  For others, it is just the beginning.  Within a small group of graduates, this night is a record-breaking event.  Fifty-five Mesa High seniors were awarded a record-breaking 5.2 million dollars in scholarship money.  These students were all members of an elective course that I have the great honor of teaching, AVID. Continue reading Writing to Get to College: The AVID Way